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8 Modest Fashion Trends To Follow!

Modest ✖ Fashion = the ultimate form of sophistication and simplicity. There are a lot of misconceptions around modest dressing. People tend to believe that dressing modestly is akin to boring attires in dull colours. But lately, fashion enthusiasts and conglomerates like MODESTyle.com (entering this billion dollar industry) are proving it wrong.

Dressing modestly doesn’t mean giving up fashion styles. Mixing fashion and modesty can result in a riot of colours, cuts and prints. With big fashion houses coming up with exclusive collections for the modest fashion industry, here are trends that will keep all modest shoppers stylish this festive season.

  • Ruffles and Frills

Bold ruffles are back and how. From shirts to dresses and bottom, ruffles subtly incorporated in the clothing are perfect for daily and evening wear. You can wear it to work or on a date and come out looking elegant when complemented with aesthetic accessories.


  • Floral Print

One print that will never be outdated; floral print is your go-to fashion trend to add elegance to your wardrobe. Be it a t-shirt, a flowy dress or a cardigan to keep you warm, the colourful flowers can keep you trendy at all times.


  • Wide-legged Pants

Ideal for work, college and outings with your girlfriends! Be it plain, pleated or printed, wide-legged pants when paired with crisp shirts and basic tees, and accessorised with heels or flats, can instantly uplift your fashionable day.


  • Kimonos and Wraps

Outerwear is definitely a modest way to add a pop of colour to your neutral outfits. Pair a cropped blazer with palazzos or a long kimono with denims and walk into any meeting looking stylish and sophisticated. What’s more, blazer dresses are a big hit for formal evenings.


  • Bell Sleeves

With designers re-introducing the ‘70s bell sleeves, it’s no surprise we are seeing a mix of bell sleeves fluttering their way into the modest fashion trends. Style your wardrobe with super-wide swingy sleeves for the ultimate retro look.



  • All White

To say that white is the new black, will not be perceived incorrect! Move over white basics; today white is becoming a trendsetter, from formal evening outfits to office clothing and festive wear. Even perusing the white-on-white style is a fashion statement.


  • Printed Scarves

Hijabs, scarves or stoles are a great way to accentuate your outfit. Wrap it around your neck or cover your head in a modest manner, they are a timeless accessory befitted for any occasion.


  • Preppy Stripes

Let’s say it out loud; stripes are neutral at this moment! They are everywhere and not going anywhere anytime soon. Pep-up your style and wear these bold stripes as armour.


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Featured Image: Anniesa Hasibuan

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