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POP Commedia

A jovial print with a unique bicoloured piped border detail. Furthermore, fun polka dots and whimsical metallic spots of shine are taking over the canvas. Printed digitally, the silk scarf delivers a contemporary aesthetic and upgrades a variety of casual and party outfits.
From Rp$ 1,451,577.57

Paint your Pallet Blue and Shine

The print is designed on a cosmic background. With hues of blue, purple and silver, stars and jewellery collages are shining on the canvas. Printed digitally, it delivers a contemporary aesthetic and makes every outfit look sophisticated and… out of this world.
From Rp$ 1,451,577.57

Commedia de’ll Quadri

Digitally awakened hues of silver and crimson are glowing on the canvas. An elegant combination of metallic print and high definition floral details, reminiscent of the aesthetic of Art Deco. The utilization of collage and found shapes enhance the subtle post-modernist edge of the composition. It delivers a contemporary aesthetic and an urban look within an inherent elegance of colours and motifs.
From Rp$ 1,451,577.57

Comico Zig Zag

The canvas features eclectic zigzag shapes intertwined within textured metallic polka dots. The abstract aesthetic of Pop Art constitutes the pivotal inspiration for the composition. The collage technique and utilization of found shapes are reminiscent of the Dada elements present in the work. Printed in a high digital definition, the visual construction delivers a fresh aesthetic and updates an outfit to a new level of urbanity.
From Rp$ 1,451,577.57

Colours Of Fantasy

Light hues of purple and ocean blue with an added extra glow of bright yellow. Intended for the fun, fearless and adventurous kind. A vibrant choice for the summer days at the beach, as few other accessories will make a look as fashionable as this colourful silk canvas.
From Rp$ 1,451,577.57

Whirlwind Divertente

Whimsical brush strokes and hand rendered colours, interlaced with textured metallic polka dots. A lively combination of red and powder blue with added pink highlights. Printed in high definition, the canvas delivers a contemporary aesthetic and makes an outfit ready for the day ahead.
From Rp$ 1,451,577.57

Stars Are Sky's Flowers

A starlit background is enhanced by a high definition collage of roses and textured metallic confetti floating in the cosmic realm. The combination of digitally printed motifs and the galaxy expresses urban femininity and vibrance.
From Rp$ 1,451,577.57