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Be The Best Version Of Yourself

For Aruni, it’s all about adapting to the new image when she decided to don the hijab 3 years ago. But has that changed her beliefs and self-improvement, too? Read on below as she pens down her thoughts in her support for our #WorldHijabDay below!

Don’t forget to meet her this weekend at our event, happening at Baghdad Street!



The biggest struggle I had when I first donned the hijab, was to get used to everything that came along with it; the heat, the change in lifestyle, the things I had to give up and let go, the things I had to pick up and learn, the things I had to adapt to, and most importantly, the way I dress. Basically, everything changed, but I knew, it was for the better. • But with everything that I have struggled with, I’ve achieved greater things. I became someone more patient & tolerant. I’ve gained self respect, something I lacked in before I made the change. • It has been a solid 3 years and it still is the best decision I’ve made so far. But why did I choose to donne the hijab back then? My response to that question is rather simple. I knew I was going to wear it sooner or later. And I gladly chose sooner. • Don’t worry about not being able to look beautiful with that piece of scarf on your head, across your chest. Beauty comes from within, it is, in the eye of the beholder indeed. • Prior to World Hijab Day 2018, I wish all women out there the strength to go through life’s hurdles and be the best version of yourself; whoever you are wherever you are. • MODESTyle is the official organiser for the World Hijab Day - Singapore Leg and it’ll be held on 17-18 February along Baghdad Street. We’re inviting all ladies out there, young or old, hijabi or non-hijabi, muslim or non-muslim, to come down and show us support for this event! ❤️ @modestyle.asia

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