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Being A True Woman

In conjunction with the World Hijab Day, we will be featuring stories of influential women from all around the world. We believe in making this platform to celebrate their success and their struggles in being a woman.

To kickstart this editorial series, we decided to get Sherry Kuhara, a fashion blogger, who believes in women empowerment. A sweet and bubbly lady, she decides to share her insights on being a woman for herself.



What does "success" mean to you?
“It depends on how you measure success. To me, it is about achieving true self-fulfilment. From there, I can then feel happiness and have a peace of mind about the past, present, and the future.”

Have you been discriminated for being a non-hijabi Muslim?
“Definitely. But I would never take it too hard because for someone who doesn't wear a hijab, it doesn’t make you less a muslim than someone who does.”

What message do you want to send across for this year's World Hijab Day?
“Just keep going and totally support World Hijab Day!”

Complete the sentence: Being a woman means __________.
“Being Strong, Mentally and Emotionally.”

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