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Blog posts of '2016' 'August'

Don’t Just Wear A Shawl. Own It!

From interior design and Carousell to frills and colourful prints, Nadiah lets us in, in her world of modest fashion.



It's time for a beauty challenge with no mirrors allowed. Let's watch our celebrity bloggers show us how its done! 
It's time for the #NoMirrorMakeupChallenge!

MODESTyle | Inspirations

Be modest, be beautiful! Modesty is not just a fashion statement. It is about aesthetically bringing together simplicity and elegance; it is about self-confidence and dignity.

Glowing Summer Makeup Tutorial | Asma Toujani

The well-known Fashion Blogger and YouTuber helps you look radiant, even on a hot summer day! Play on to know makeup hacks and stay fresh, all day long...

A Day In The Life Of A Model!

Meet Tiara, a professional model with big dreams of becoming a police officer. She's the envy of every woman trying hard to quit eating pizzas and every other junk food in the market!

MODESTyle x Bloggers | EPISODE 2 : MUSIC

Farisha Ishak's enticing voice hidden behind her stylish fedora is mesmerising enough to give goose bumps. At MODESTyle's office, she treated us to her favourite number.

MODESTyle gives us even more options for our wardrobe! ~ Farisha Ishak

The ‘soulful powerhouse’ is more than just music, love, Political Science and fedoras…

MODESTyle x Bloggers | EPISODE 1 : FASHION

...And our 1st episode is LIVE on MODESTyle TV!
Singapore-based blogger, Sarah Atiq, explores her 'MODESTyle'!