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Blog posts of '2018' 'February'

Being Blessed With Power

It’s only 2 days left to our World Hijab Day, happening at Baghdad Street. For our special women capsule, we would like to end off on a high note with Nuraliza Osman.


The Miss Singapore Universe 2002 beauty queen has it all, the beauty and the brains. As a role model in what she has been success...

Trusting Your Instincts

What's Nurul Saliza story?

Take a read down her memory lane! She will also be with us at Baghdad Street this Saturday, 17 February at 5pm!

We hope to see you there! 



My Story, My Journey

In conjunction with the World Hijab day, Efsun Ibrahim is here to share her personal story as part of her efforts in commemorating the success of women as one.

Efsun Ibrahim | Owner of Sheiqha


I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I come from a mix of family background in terms of reli...

I Feel Empowered

Tiara Skadiang, a familiar face in the scene has definitely been such a role model to the fashion enthusiast out there.

Take a read on what she has to say about her journey and how donning the hijab has empowered her.


Tiara Skadiang | Educator

What does "success" means to you?

Success to ...

Making Change Abroad

Definitely, making a change doesn’t need a perfect time and place. But for Zahra, it happened to her when she was away from her loved ones and that was when whether she could stand the test of time.

But she found something within those days which she least expected it. Let’s celebrate Zahra as she ...

Like A Pearl

Women are just like treasured pearls which are well protected by an oyster shell and can only be found in the very deep end of the ocean, very exquisite. - Juriah Aziz


Yes, women need to believe that we are precious gems! Read on as we take on the views of Juriah Aziz, as she embarks on her jour...

Passion and Triumph

A heartfelt thank you to those who have been sending your stories to us in support of our event! It has definitely moved some of you to share a piece of your mind!


Today, we make way for Wina Othman. A lover of fashion and our World Hijab Day ambassador, she has quite a unique story of herself.

Being A Muslim Revert

This special story has definitely moved us at MODESTyle and we hope it does so too for you.


Let’s talk with Jayina Chan, a well known Muslim revert. She gives insights to how she has been confronted with the struggles of being a non hijabi then. It takes a lot of courage for what she has overcom...

Empowering Together

Girls compete with each other but Women empower one another. --Shireen Ikhsan

Empowering Together
Be The Best Version Of Yourself

For Aruni, it’s all about adapting to the new image when she decided to don the hijab 3 years ago.

Be The Best Version Of Yourself