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Growth Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil

This natural hair growth oil combines herbs and essential oils, like Rosemary, Cedarwood and Lavender that are good for scalp health and hair growth.
RMB$ 126.31

Healing All Purpose Balm

Use this healing balm for nearly everything; for dry, chapped skin, to soothe itch or redness, sunburn, rashes, cuts, bruises, pimple and even for baby nappy rash. Great as a body moisturiser too.
RMB$ 150.61

Sleep & Dreams Essential Oil Roll-On

Gentle, soothing blend of Vanilla and Lavender to lull you to relaxation and rest. A scent everyone adores.
RMB$ 111.74

Take A Breather Essential Oil Roll-On

Powerful blend of oils to breathe easy. Great for cold, sinus and cough. Handy pocket size roller bottle you can carry with you anywhere.
RMB$ 111.74

Balance Your Soul Essential Oil Roll-On

Powerful blend of oils to balance hormones. Apply directly over tummy area to relieve cramps or bloating. A handy pocket sized roll-on every woman ought to have!
RMB$ 111.74