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Cleaning Your Coffeemaker

For those of you who love to brew your own coffee, you will definitely own one or two coffee makers in the house.

But once your coffee goes bad, you might think your coffee maker is no longer doing its job well. That’s where you are wrong.

You might have just not been giving it the regular cleaning that it needs. Little may you know, there might be some coffee grounds left behind or even worse - mould!

So to avoid all these, you might want to try this natural effective way of cleaning the coffee maker.

You only need:

  • Vinegar
  • Water

1. Fill the water chamber of the coffee pot with equal parts water and plain white distilled vinegar. Vinegar is a natural cleaner that breaks up oily buildup and cleans coffee residue. Turn on the brew cycle, and then turn off halfway through.


2. Let the vinegar and water sit for an hour, giving it time to steam-clean the coffee maker. After one hour, turn on the brew cycle and allow the vinegar and water to continue to go through the drip cycle.


3. Run three quick cycles of water through the coffee maker, and give the coffee pot a quick wipe-down. Now you're ready for a fresh cup of coffee!

Give this a try and do share with us if it works wonders for you, too!

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