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CoverGirl Introduces Its First Hijabi Ambassador!


CoverGirl created history by singing well-known beauty blogger Nura Afia, as their brand ambassador. Her tie-up with the cosmetic giants is part of their campaign, ‘So Lashy! Mascara’ where she will be featured with a diverse line-up of other models. As part of this newsworthy campaign, she will be featured in CoverGril commercials and on a billboard in Times Square.

For Afia, a Muslim girl with hijab to be a part of CoverGirl, is a big milestone achieved. "It's a big accomplishment for all of us," Afia told CNN. "It means that little girls that grew up like me have something to look up to. I grew up feeling like hijab would hold me back." 

Nura Afia is popular name in blogger industry; she has more than 200,000+ subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 300,000+ followers on Instagram.

CoverGirl’s announcement of this campaign revolves around diversity and inclusiveness. Recently, in October the company announced their first male model – James Charles. Other faces on So Lashy! Mascara campaign include two black women, an Asian-American, and Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara, a Latina.

While Trumps victory has let everyone stunned and developed a fear amongst races of all colours, MODESTyle congratulates CoverGirl for appreciating beauty of all types.


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Source: CNN | The Huffington Post

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