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Empowering Together

Girls compete with each other but Women empower one another.

Shireen Ikhsan is definitely a woman of inspiration. She has been through the ups and downs in the food business with her husband which many might not have realised!

For World Hijab Day 2018, Shireen decides to share to the fellow women out there on what she feels as a successful woman, at the same time her story through the days she started wearing the hijab.



"Success" to me is being able to get up after a failure. As the wife of an expanding business in the food industry, I have seen the struggles my husband have gone through and when he fails, I fail. So therefore as a wife, I need to be able to stand by him till he gets back on his feet again.

Throughout the days of donning the hijab, I have fellow sisters coming up to me and telling me that they were inspired by the way I wear my hijab and they too hope that one day, they will want to wear the hijab. It means a lot to me to get this kind of messages as I don't see myself as influential. I'm just a normal, simple woman you know?

But I think people do not know that I had my personal struggles when I first wore the hijab.

But wait, how it happened?

Honestly, it just came naturally one day. After my daily prayers, I just told my husband that I wanted to wear the hijab and he supported the idea. I didn't know what kind of hijab or style that suited me. I didn't even know how to wear one. I ended up wearing a beanie just to cover my hair! At times, I’ll just wear a long shawl just to cover my neck. Basically, I wasn't even aware of the rules and regulations of how to wear the hijab the Islamic way.

But here’s what I feel, the wearing of hijab can never be forced onto a person. If you use force, there would definitely be repercussions. They may wear it today but they may choose to take it off the very next day. Thus, be absolutely sure of yourself. Don't boast about you wearing the hijab. When you wear one, always think that it is because you sincerely want to do so because of God the Almighty.

Signing off,

Shireen Ikhsan

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