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February Self Love

Photo: @fashiioncarpet

We all know February is the month of love. But it is all not just about love for someone, something. It is now the time to put your self-love to attention.

No one said life is a bed full of roses. Every single one of us must have battled the toughest of times and even the happiest moments which we will cherish till the end of our lives.

So we have come up with the list of things you can practice in moving forward and take a step back in appreciating the one that matters most, YOU.

1. Take some time off alone and perhaps take a new class such as yoga. Find your inner peace and let your mind be free from all the worries. You can start by allocating a small amount of your time every day.


2. Take some time off your busy schedule and socialise! Meet up with friends whom you haven’t meet in a while. It will definitely help you to let loose.


3. When was the last time you had your long deserved break? This is your chance to visit your long-awaited destination! Enjoy the holiday and just for that moment, focus on your well-being.

4. Spend time with your loved ones and those close to your heart. Don’t forget to tell them that you love them very much.


Photo: @cmcoving

5. Light some candles and do up a bath. (Prepare your bath bombs and essential oils!)


Photo: @laurabeverlin

6. Eat your favourite take-out once in awhile to get your cravings satisfied!


7. If you have not been able to get your regular caffeine fixed, now it’s time to do so. Make it a chore to get it before you start your day!


Photo: @courtney_shields

8. Set a to-do list or some goals for yourself which is within your capacity to achieve. With this, you can have that sense of accomplishment when you manage to complete it.


Photo: @oliviarink

9. Curl up in bed for the day. You can just read a book or just watch movies! Don’t rush to start and end the day. Take it step by step.


Photo: @tatjanakreuzmayr

10. Buy yourself some flowers to brighten up your day or your desk! It will definitely boost your mood.

Love our self-care tips?

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