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Happiness is Your Key to Success

Nurliyana, also known as Nerlie, has been painting colours in the modest fashion scene here in Singapore. Her quirky style translates into her daily wear.

Besides having a day job as the head couturier for Nerlie Customisation, it has come a long way for her in being accomplished with what makes her happy as an individual.

As our ambassador for World Hijab Day 2018, check out what Liyana has to share about her beliefs as a successful woman.


What are your biggest achievements and struggles you had when you start wearing the hijab?Biggest achievements would be when my friends actually started wearing the hijab after seeing me in one. They even asked me for some hijab-styling tips. And that’s where I felt it’s one magical feeling, Alhamdulillah. For the struggles I had are actually within myself. Every day I need to tell myself to improve my actions so that they match with my current image.

What does wearing a hijab mean to you?
It's a must. It’s a basic knowledge or should I say a basic start to represent a Muslim/Muslimah - without asking why but to obey it and then, later work on the characteristics. With God’s will, we will all be better.

Why do you want to wear the hijab?
Haha, cause my mother asked me to? I started to wear the hijab at the age of 10, as my family went for pilgrimage and when we got back, my mother said to me, "You have seen the Kaabah, don’t you want to be better and wear now?" Ok, yup! Being young and obedient, yes I agreed with her.

What do you wish to say to your fellow women out there for this year's World Hijab Day?
Stay humble and Alhamdulillah you all look pretty!

Complete the sentence: When I wear my Hijab, I feel ______________.
I feel that I am being myself and of course, a sense of joy in me to shine and share to the world!

More stories to share, more stories to come as part of our #WorldHijabDay capsule!

Stay tuned and countdown with us to the last few days of our nationwide event!

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