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Alzena Semi Blazer

Blaze your trail like a powerful woman in this versatile blazer by AFRA
From RM$ 249.06

Amas Dress

Pop your collar and colours in this beautiful maxi dress. A gentle spirited professional look.
From RM$ 264.96

Aleesha Blouse

Wear confidence on your sleeves with this floral printed blouse. The professional in you is amplified by the tailored front and double edged collars
From RM$ 129.83

Afsheen Dress

Own your regal status through this caped dress from AFRA. Featuring a lacy turtle-neckline and full cape detail to exude modesty while adding a royal presence to your ensemble.
From RM$ 264.96

Afreena Blazer

Take inspiration from nature feel like a waterfall in these blue and green hues.
From RM$ 225.21