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Meet The Singaporean #Igers Who Are Modest Fashion #Trendsetters!

For every young learner enthusiast, Instagram has effortlessly become an integral part of their lifestyle. It gave us the #Hashtag revolution, fashion and lifestyle makeovers, food and technology hacks. To such an extent, it has given us #relationship goals and taught us how to like ♥ others.

Singapore has an abundant Insta following and there are key people who make everyone’s feed (at least mine) worthwhile. But today, I’m talking about the modest world of fashion, which has garnered immense popularity… And these are few people who MUST BE in your list of following.

No compulsion. #JustSaying!



The gorgeous mind behind this minimalistic, modest, and stylish page is Nur Fatiin. Her account is one where you can find clean, white images, which are effervescently brightened up by her fashionable taste. With over 17k followers and still counting, she is a known modest wearer and influencer in the circuit and is looked upon for her impeccable persona. The account is young, trendy and fabulous; talks about fashion, lifestyle and travel (too).



Joining the bandwagon is Nurul Atiqah, or if it is a tad too long, then just call her Tiq. Her account showcases a fairytale theme, capturing her precious and beautiful life moments in bright hues. From fashion to travel and her own wedding story, she has amalgamated all on her page for the 13k plus followers. We promise, it will blow your mind away.



Next on the must follow list is Nadya Abd – a teacher by profession, but her love for fashion, food and good pictures is unending. Her simple, modest fashion styling is a guidance for one and all. You don’t have to, but follow her for that friendly smile, which takes the cake.



This young iger is also the founder of fashion label, Maqayla. Mareenah bte Abdul Ghani is a known blogger and Instagrammer in Singapore. Her vibrant pictures highlight her modest and fashionable life, which is elegantly juxtaposed with her love for family, friends and food. The minutest details captured in her page makes you want to step into her world.



Unlike others, Atikah Amalina - the name behind this travel-cum-inspirational account – showcases the world her passion for travel, befriending equally passionate globetrotters and encouragement for people. For this full-time teacher, writing is a way to give back to world and on Instagram she conveys the same through meaningful pictures. While others in the list are fashion influencers, she likes to be called the life enthusiast.



She is our MODESTyle Icon, and so, does she have to be in this list? Yes! There is a reason she is the icon! Her fan following loves her mix and match play of prints, colours, styles, cuts and frills, high street fashion and designer brands. A full-time mother, she loves styling her outfits with luxurious and decadent accessories, and creatively highlights them in her pictures for all to see.


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~ Featured Image: Nur Fatiin

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