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Passion and Triumph

A heartfelt thank you to those who have been sending your stories to us in support of our event! It has definitely moved some of you to share a piece of your mind!

Today, we make way for Wina Othman. A lover of fashion and our World Hijab Day ambassador, she has quite a unique story of herself.




To commemorate world hijab day event on 17 – 18 April at Baghdad Street organised by @modestyle.asia , I thought i’d share my hijab story:- My hijab journey wasn’t planned and it was social media that gave me the inspiration to don the hijab. Apart from my office hour job, I am also a freelance make up artist for a bridal company. Being that fashion is my love, I remembered buying variations of scarves for my clients (brides) to look good on their big day. That was partly one of the reason why I began wearing the hijab. In my opinion, hijab is not just about covering our hair but it is also a way for me to learn to be closer to our creator. This has somehow brought more meaning and changed my perspective on life. Women in hijab has shown people around the world that we too can succeed in the fashion industry just like Halima Aden @halima . Vogue wrote a story on her hijab journey and she has walked several runways for brands like Yeezy in New York and Max Mara in Milan. Although I am not planning to walk the runway 😂, it is truly empowering to see a hijab model strutting her scarf down the runway along with the other models❤ #worldhijabday2018 #myhijabstory #duckscarves

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