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"Perfection doesn't come with the hijab."

As we are only a week away to our biggest nationwide non-profit event, World Hijab Day, these stories from the different ladies in the scene has shaped what it means as an individual, success, and being happy with who you are.

We recently sat down with Intan Amanina, whose perspective has definitely shaped the unique individual that she is. Intan believes in embracing herself and most importantly, self-love.



Success means..
"Success" is subjective to me. Different people have their different definition of success and personally, success means being able to do what you love, to be able to work towards your goals and eventually achieving them. And while doing all that, you still maintain the best relationships with Allah, family and friends.


Biggest achievements and struggles you had when you start wearing the hijab?
My biggest achievement is definitely to be able to wear the hijab itself. It's a commitment and it was something I contemplated for so long before eventually doing so. To overcome the fear of judgements and the instability of my iman, it is an achievement. Struggles are inevitable and as a hijabi, I'm always afraid that my image and actions don't come hand in hand. I overcome that by telling myself that wearing a hijab doesn't make me less of a human being. I still sin, I still make mistakes and I'm still learning to be better every day.


What does wearing a hijab mean to you?
Wearing a hijab isn't just the cloth wrapped around my head but the pride, commitment and responsibility that comes with it.

Any words you would like to share to your fellow women for World Hijab Day?
I wish to tell my fellow women out there that perfection doesn't come with the hijab. The hijab is not a sign of your piety but it is a journey, filled with struggles that are definitely worth it because the destination is to please God the Almighty.


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