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Singapore Fashion Week 2017


For the first time in the Singapore Fashion Week (SFW) history, MODESTyle made headlines across the nation's media by bringing modest fashion to centre stage.

With multi-label shows comprising of 15 designers around the region, modest fashion was presented in an array of colours and designs which the audience was blown away.

This has been our biggest milestone of the year and we are extremely humbled that modest fashion is now on the same par as the mainstream fashion.

MODESTyle is proud to be the official partner of Singapore Fashion Week 2017 and we hope to see modest fashion once again at SFW 2018!

Comment below on which are your favourite collections!

Tasmiah, China


Adrianna Yariqa, Singapore


Charisma, Singapore


Le Reve, Bangladesh


Hijup, Indonesia


Irna La Perle, Indonesia


Kaifiyyah, Singapore


Azhar Zainal, Malaysia


aere, Malaysia


Bill Keith, Malaysia


Dian Pelangi, Indonesia


Feayn, Singapore


Lim Kok Wing Fashion Club, Malaysia


Ayra Safiyyah, Singapore


Jovian Mandagie, Malaysia


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