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Multi Coloured Tunic Set

Inspired from the layering look of Fall, this dress teamed with monochromatic geometric printed attached jacket and mauve coloured inner.
Rp$ 966,818.73

Red and Black Tunic

Shawl Collared Printed Tunic with inner paired with leggings. You might come across with the variations in our inner,. For this style, inner has stitches & sequence embedded to grace up the look.
Rp$ 457,966.77

Black Tunic Set

Bell Sleeve A line Tunic with Karchupi (Hand embroidery) in front and with matching bottom and scarf makes the dress appropriate for evening wear.
Rp$ 763,277.95

White and Pink Tunic Set

This dress is defined by featuring contrasting colors in bold blocks. The placket is highlighted with embroidery & the body is screen printed with tie sleeves.
Rp$ 763,277.95

Embroidered Boho Set

Rp$ 548,542.42

Plaid Set

Rp$ 375,532.75

Vera Slit Set

Rp$ 406,063.87

Parang tunic and batik skirt set

From Rp$ 2,885,190.63

Parang Dress and Outer set

From Rp$ 2,564,613.9

Floral Corporate Suit

Don’t know what to wear to work? This corporate suit incorporates a formal yet stylish coat and a high-waist floral skirt gives a touch of vibrance and makes the perfect outfit for the office or even formal occassions!
From Rp$ 806,021.51

Zebra-Printed Pant Suit

A stylish pant suit that incorporates a unique combination of sillhouettes, bold colours and print; perfect for office wear or even an evening out with your friends!
From Rp$ 938,831.87

Embellished Blazer Suit

Feel like a princess with this shoulder padded blazer embellished with pearls and rhinestones, combined with a high waisted maxi skirt.
From Rp$ 2,083,748.79

Corporate Tunic Pant Suit

Be office-ready with this vibrant tunic pant suit!
From Rp$ 590,777.13

3-Tier Pant Suit

Give yourself a structured look with this 3 layered top with pants. Perfect addition to your office wardrobe.
From Rp$ 1,209,032.27