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Tall Girls, This Is For You

Tall people have a tendency to wear pieces which may show their lanky silhouette and extra perks about them?

Most pieces you see on the racks can definitely fit them, no questions asked.

But then again, tall people need to dress right too as if they choose the wrong pieces, it might ended looking too small on them!

Scroll to see what the MODESTyle style team has come up with for the tall peeps to look chic!



Robe Coats, Long Cardigan

Photo: @nms_style


Photo: @eika_azam



Flat boots, Mules, Loafers


Photo: @bernle


Photo: @thegreylayers


Photo: @ch.phr8ph



Wide legged pants, Crop Flare jeans

Photo: @bytheweifashion


Photo: @rufflespei



Anything Oversized

Photo: snowe_clothing



Photo: @mememelon_


Photo: @blameitonbarneys


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