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Tekbir is the fastest growing fashion house in Turkey catering Islamic clothing for women and brings you modern and quality clothes for the modern Muslim woman.

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Denim Lace Blouse

A denim blouse is a must- have when it comes to casual wear! Spiced up with beautiful white lace and colourful rhinestone,, and you’re ready for an eventful afternoon.
From Rp$ 822,991.56

Printed Floral Skirt

This goregous floral skirt is sure to turn heads with its contradiction of a vibrant print and subtle colours and an embellished bow!
From Rp$ 736,360.87

Glittery Sheered Maxi Cardigan

Add a touch of elegance to your outfit through this shimmery flowy maxi cardigan.
From Rp$ 866,306.9

High-Low Tunic

Simple yet elegant, this High-Low Tunic is sure to be a statement piece in your casual wear wardrobe.
From Rp$ 848,980.77

Hooded Shirt Dress

This unique inspiring piece will have heads turning. With delicate layers, this shirt-dress will bring out your silhouette with class.
From Rp$ 797,002.35

Glittery Wrap Dress

Wrap yourself into this blanket of stars and feel like the whole world is watching you in amazement.
From Rp$ 753,687.01

White Embroidered Shirt Dress

Wear a minimalist look with this white collared shirt-dress and black pants. The top is adorned with floral embroidery.
From Rp$ 797,002.35

Skirt-Styled Trench Coat

Warm up your day with this stylish pastel trench coat that is also a skirt!
From Rp$ 1,308,123.42

Floral Corporate Suit

Don’t know what to wear to work? This corporate suit incorporates a formal yet stylish coat and a high-waist floral skirt gives a touch of vibrance and makes the perfect outfit for the office or even formal occassions!
From Rp$ 1,524,700.15

Zebra-Printed Pant Suit

A stylish pant suit that incorporates a unique combination of sillhouettes, bold colours and print; perfect for office wear or even an evening out with your friends!
From Rp$ 1,775,929.15

Tunic Cardigan

Pastel cardigan tunic embellished with gold printed embroidery.
From Rp$ 1,394,754.11

Color Block Tunic

Add a pop of colour to your outfits with this colorblock collared tunic!
From Rp$ 848,980.77

Paisley Block Tunic

A paisley pattern block tunic, perfect for any casual outings.
From Rp$ 848,980.77

Embellished Maxi Skirt

Add a pop of colour to your simple outfit with this maxi skirt embellished with a gorgeous belt!
From Rp$ 848,980.77

Detailed Collared Tunic

Long collared tunic embellished with detailed printing based on a contrastic colour.
From Rp$ 848,980.77

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